Spring is upon us, and that means that summer is soon to follow. And we all know what comes along with the summer. The brutal and unforgiving heat! While the summer sun opens up so many opportunities for us to spend time outside with our friends and families, it also makes it much more difficult to spend time inside with them because of the way our homes trap heat and insulate so that it can’t easily escape.

Thankfully, a great air conditioning system fixes this problem right up. However, who’s to say that your AC is working at peak efficiency, or at all for that matter, after sitting dormant all fall and winter? Don’t be caught in the heat with no escape this summer. Call Piper Heating and Cooling to schedule your sprint startup appointment today and get our limited time price of $89.

Our spring startup special includes the following checks and maintenance items:
– Lubrication of motor and fan bearings
– Inspection of all drains and drip pans
– Inspection and adjustment of driver belts
– Inspection of all damper controls
– Inspection and cleaning of all coils

It’s easy to put off maintenance, especially if you switch you AC on and everything seems to be working. However, behind the metal walls of your HVAC equipment exists many critical components and moving parts that can end up getting dirty, damaged, or clogged. Your air conditioning system circulates the air that you breath through your entire home. Don’t let your system end up looking like this! Call Piper Heating and Cooling today to schedule your sprint startup for the special price of $89 today!